Saturday, October 25, 2008

The resiliency of journalists

Posted by Craig on 10/25/2008
Wendy Parker, who recently parted ways with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution after 19 years of service, posted this interesting tidbit in the "Wired Journalists" social networking community:

"Here's an update from a journalist at the San Diego Union-Tribune on the new lives, and work, of some former colleagues: FBI agent, political aides, graduate student, law firm investigator, hospital professional, communications manager, minister and, in another setting, investigative reporter. Says one of the (journalistically) departed:

'I miss the people, and there have been occasions where I miss being in a newsroom. It's a stimulating experience...But seeing the direction of the business, I don't have any regrets.'"

Parker ends her rant with this valuable insight: "We all know that journalists are an eclectic bunch, and their second acts reflect that. It's the institution that's homogeneous."

Right on. And journalists will survive because of it.

Sooner or later, the institution will have to change. It'll have to budge and find a new way of doing business, or it won't be doing business anymore. At least not the right way. Good journalism is at stake here, and I believe it's an essential part of our society.

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