Monday, October 20, 2008

Hub for the latest and greatest opinions

Posted by Craig on 10/20/2008
Here's something different.

The Dallas Morning News unveiled a new initiative in the Opinion section of its Web site. Instead of featuring its own editorials, usually just a carbon copy of the print - and of course the traditional way of running an Opinion section on the Web -, they're featuring "the best of the best" of the Web.

According to Deputy Managing Editor/Interactive Anthony Moor, the Morning News is "changing out links throughout the day in real time based on an editor’s sense of what the key conversation is online."

It's fresh, it's exciting, and it's taking the lead on opinion journalism on the Web. What better way to let the widest range of voices be heard, yet still be able to filter out non-relevant content and keep it current to the biggest issues? Bravo to the Web team behind this; I think it's a great idea. Check it out here.

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