Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bad news for years, but newspapers survive

Posted by Craig on 9/13/2008
Haven't updated in a bit, so just a quick editorial.

An Oct. 2005 Los Angeles Times article wrote about newspapers' grim outlook for the future. But three years later, newspapers remain. They've continued to cut back and have reallocated many of their resources, but they're still here. No major newspapers have folded, as far as I know, since that time.

Could 2009 be the worst yet? Rumors around here in Chicago, and across the blogosphere, point to the Sun-Times (the Chicago Tribune's big competitor) perhaps folding by then. But will it happen, or will Sun-Times retool, refuel, and come out stronger for it?

Until newspapers actually start folding, I just think it's worth saying that they're still here, they're adjusting like mad, and I think the big corporate ownership is starting to get it too...that they have a long way to go and adjustments will need to continue to be made. And that's why newspapers should continue to survive, for years to come.

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